Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sydney muggers, beggars, buskers and chuggers

Just tried to have a pleasant walk from Chifley Square to Macquarie Street, up to the Hyde Park Fountain then back to Martin Place.

It's the banking and courts sector of the city, a city that prides itself on cleanliness and modernity.

But we don't need rubbish other cities have to get that 'lived-in' feel... We have annoying people.

Apart from the homeless, of which there is more than ever (and in the middle of winter) the charity muggers and buskers are way out of control. Way!

Cancer Council are the worst. No amount of money you give one will stop their galpal asking you tomorrow when you walk by.
I hate that I so often fit their target demographic. I hate that their demographic is busty backpacker.

And then the buskers.
Hyde Park, if u were there right now, is held hostage to a seedy Latin classical guitarist. He's playing on bended knee to nobody like a lonely Zorro. His amplification was that of a booming Holden Monaro or possibly a Wiggles concert.

But no chicks were fawning and the kids weren't screaming out of joy.

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