Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Best Godcasts

1) Wired Jesus Podcast: "Wired Jesus Podcast
The Wired Wanderings of a Postmodern Pilgrim" -

This philosophical but very accessible audio feed comes from a midwestern Lutheran minister with a whole load of cred in my book. His pop-cultural references and indie rock throws are up there with Stephen Colbert while his ideas on what church could be shame our Sydney-centric debate. In his own words, a regular podcast exploring the spiritual journey as it is lived out in the wired world - on the net, in film, in song, where ever questions of faith, life and meaning are being asked.
Biggest bugger - he doesn't do enough

Gimme - Wired Jesus

2) The Piper Podcast

John Piper, another minister high on my chart, wrote the inspired book Desiring God, and now makes his sermons podcasts. Nothing classy there, except you have probably never heard any string of messages so clear and driven by his close connection with God that you can't help but listen,be moved and then be moved to action.

Biggest bugger - who has 40minutes to hear one in full?

Gimme - Desiring God

3) The Daily Show With John Stewart

Because we should all lighten up and satire is the last remaining vestige of good reporting. In fact, it's getting just as much flack as journalism, surely enough proof that it is to be taken at least as seriously.
Plus, if satire is the one of the best ways to hold those in power accountable, as i believe it is, then it is also the best way to keep religious and moral leaders under an equally strong microscope. Remember Christians, you can't laugh at jokes about gays, politicians or any other groups, if you can't let others laugh at your group.

Biggest bugger - too many American-only in-jokes

Gimme - Don't pay $2 to iTunes, watch best bits on comedy central's website

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