Monday, September 15, 2008

Talking Business - Stuck in Google’s Doghouse -

Here is a great piece of writing on the power of Google and how this power may be tainting it with the same rep microsoft earned when they started to control too much.

Talking Business - Stuck in Google’s Doghouse - "Google’s opponents may fear its monopoly power, but the company insists that everything it does is aimed at “enhancing the customer experience” — a claim that harks back to Microsoft’s claims once upon a time. And like Microsoft, Google built its near monopoly in rather exemplary fashion: by building a better mousetrap."

This story got me interested enough to check out microsoft's share price to see if their antitrust problems had hurt their share price. Computer says no. Looks like the brand and its wealth have remained stable since the tech boom shot of a leg in late 2000.
From what i can tell the departure of Bill Gates didn't even hurt Microsoft.

That must have hurt Bill, I'd imagine.

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