Monday, February 16, 2009

Twitter goes mainstream but Australians still looking for "ON" button to PC

It all just gets away from us so quickly down here in Australia.

The websites now known collectively as 'social media' escape many people I know and even friends of mine who believe they are practically 'linked in' wouldn't have heard of a site with that name yet. Some are yet to join facebook and seem to be still waiting for it to die leaving all of us patsies exposed as trend lemmings.

Then twitter walks in the door. This facebook-lite seems to me a perfect follow-up technology for when we all get tied of posting items and albums hoping for a friend to post a three-word comment of recognition.

Twitter is like all the best RSS feeds amalgamated and thank God, it's usually made more personal by the human posting it.

Even CNN's postings have personality thrown in and they've already been credited with taking tweets mainstream.

You can run a twitter account from tjhe web but using a phone or computer application makes reading and posting nuch simpler.

It works with not 'friends' but 'followers'.

But start following a lot of regular twitterers and the feed of update jumps from distracting to overwhelming.

Twitter will probaby end up more like a news-social widget on people's devices where they follow a select bunch of people (friends and celebs) plus a few news /entertainment/ sport/business services.

So why is our nation of luddites skeptical at every new morph of the web?

Baby boomers are holding a lot of the most influential posts and until that changes, I imagine little else will.

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