Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bond - Quantum of Solace - a 005 out of 10

Hype for bond was massive. But the film chose action over class, coolness over character.

Good points would be the more modern depiction of the Bond girl - Olga Kurylenko. The tradition of Bond girls is, famously, as sex objects. Denise Richards would have to be the high/low point.

Olga is real and rough. Doesn't speak much but that was more mysterious than dim-witted apathy.

I have a non sexual crush on Daniel Craig.

Less secure fellows I know freak out when I say this. But they're probly hiding a similar crush.

Lastly, the cinema played it too loud! Yes. I know I sound old but I enjoy films more when I don't have to wince.

Hoyts Broadway I'm wincing at u.

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