Tuesday, November 04, 2008

RIP McCain

Finally, the US media is making their closing arguments - essentially on why Obama will win.

Where were these bold opinionated writers three, six or even 20 months ago?

It has been very obvious. And that's not using hindsight with many consistent polls on my side - I've been banging on about him for months (just not here on this blog)

The following blog has little to say but much can be gleaned from it.


Obama will win in a semi-landslide that commentators will want to call an 'embarrassment' if that wouldn't humiliate the aging veteran loser, Mr McCain.

MAC is BACK??? Why say that - cos it rhymes?

McDonalds have used this line too - so there goes the health conscious demo and anyone who saw Supersize Me. Mac is gone would be better.

Besides, where is he back FROM? Surgery?

Seeya old man. Stay off the fries or u might need Obama's universal health plan.


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